Winamaz: Our review!

As you know, Affilisting aims to make life easier for publishers doing business with affiliates. Fortunately for you, we are not the only ones who want to do it. Today, we introduce you to Winamaz.

Before starting the article, it is important for me to inform you that I contacted the team behind the project in order to make a win-win partnership.

A simple exchange of visibility in order to make our products known to as many people as possible. The feeling with the team was very good, so much so, that there is a small promo code of -20% at the end of this article.

Winamaz, a wordpress plugin but not only.

Winamaz is a wordpress plugin (also an API) multiregional and multilingual allowing you to transform your site into a real price comparison while including your affiliate links to maximize your earnings.

It’s easy to use, efficient, and it allows you to be always up to date on the products you put forward, in addition to making your articles more dynamic always with the aim of maximizing the conversion, and all this, by using a simple shortcode.

16000+ affiliate programs, 700+ niches, all for $99.

With, start making money with your online business right away by finding the best affiliate programs for your niches and preferences for only $99 in one-time payments and lifetime access.

Winamaz Lite VS Winamaz Full

Winamaz is available in 3 versions, the lite version, the full version and the API version. Concerning the API part, you can get more information by clicking here, we will only focus on the 2 other versions.

Winamaz Lite

The important thing to remember is that the Lite version is mainly focused for publishers focusing on Amazon Affiliate, but you already know my opinion about this program.

The Lite version connects exclusively with Amazon, which will allow you to use the plugin with the majority of products available in the Amazon program.

Moreover, the Lite version will allow you to use almost all the features that Winamaz offers, except the price comparison.

For this version, prices range from 29€ HT/year for 1 site to 499€ HT/year for 100 sites.

Winamaz Full

The Full version offers everything that the Lite version does, plus a connection to several affiliate platforms and live programs, as well as a connection to Amazon.

You can have an overview of the programs available on Winamaz here.

This is the version that I recommend to you in addition to Affilisting in order to be able to compare products on programs that are more profitable than Amazon’s.

For this version, the prices go from 99€ HT/year for 1 site to 1299€ HT/year for 100 sites.

The importance of product comparison

When doing affiliate marketing on products, it is important to put yourself in the place of the user who will arrive on your site.

A user wishing to buy a product will in most cases ask the following questions:

  • What is the price of this product?
  • What is my product worth compared to this product?
  • What are the alternatives to this product?
  • How to buy the product?

In these questions, we notice that the user often seeks to compare his product, and this for two reasons, to reassure himself, and to find the cheapest price.

Creating a site focusing on product comparison is therefore not a bad idea, but beware the competition can be tough if you aim too generalist.

Conclusion on Winamaz

Winamaz will allow you to easily set up product comparison, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced affiliate.

On top of that, it can give you a lot of ideas of niche and products to put forward on your site.

Finally, Winamaz has an affiliate program with a 20% recurring commission, and you know how important it is to aim for recurring commission programs.

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 20% per sale with this program.

If you want to get your Winamaz license, the team sent me the promo code “affilisting” which offers -20%, usable until end of September and you can use it here.

Thanks to the Winamaz team for the trust.