LowFruits promo code: 10% OFF
Resumed steps for using LowFruits promo code
  1. Create your account using this link.
  2. Select your offer that you want through what LowFruits has to offer.
  3. Enter the promo code AFFILISTING on the checkout.

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Exclusive LowFruits promo code for April 2024

LowFruits.io is an SEO tool designed to help users identify low-competition keywords for easier ranking in search engine results.

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LowFruits promo code

What is the LowFruits promo code?

The LowFruits promo code is AFFILISTING and this LowFruits promo code give you a reduction of 10% on your first bought of LowFruits credits.

In other words, you can get 2000 credits for only $22.50 instead of $25 with this LowFruits promo code which will enable you to carry out your first keyword searches at an attractive price.

How to use the LowFruits promo code?

Step #1: Create an account on LowFruits using this link: create my LowFruits account.

Step #2: After that, click on "Billing" section from your LowFruits dashboard

Step #3: On "Coupon for PAYG credits", enter the LowFruits promo code "AFFILISTING" and click on "Apply coupon" button

Step #4: Congratulations, your coupon is now taken into account for your purchase

How long is the LowFruits promo code valid?

This LowFruits promo code has no end date but can only be used on the first purchase.

How to maximize the benefits of Lowfruits.io?

  1. Use the LowFruits promo code: AFFILISTING in order to get 10% OFF.

  2. Identify Low-Hanging Fruits: Use the tool to find low-competition keywords that are easier to rank for. Focus on those with high search volume but less competitive landscapes.

  3. Analyze SERP Features: Pay attention to the search engine results page (SERP) features for your keywords. LowFruits.io can help you identify opportunities like featured snippets or local packs that you can target.

  4. Study Competitor Weaknesses: Analyze the pages that currently rank for your targeted keywords. Look for gaps in their content or areas where your site can offer more value or better information.

  5. Content Optimization: Use the insights from LowFruits.io to optimize your content. Make sure your pages are comprehensive, answering all possible user queries related to your target keywords.

  6. Backlink Analysis: Examine the backlink profile of top-ranking pages for your targeted keywords. Identify patterns or sources that you can also target for backlinks.

  7. Track Your Progress: Regularly monitor your rankings for the targeted keywords. Use LowFruits.io to track changes and adjust your strategy as needed.

  8. Long-Tail Keywords: Don't ignore long-tail keywords. They might have lower search volumes but can be highly specific and less competitive, leading to better conversion rates.

  9. Use Filters Wisely: Apply filters to refine your search in LowFruits.io. You can filter by keyword difficulty, search volume, or the presence of specific SERP features to find the best opportunities.

  10. Competitor Content Structure: Look at the structure of the content that ranks well for your target keywords. Notice headings, subheadings, and types of content (lists, guides, videos) that perform well.

  11. Stay Updated: SEO landscapes change rapidly. Regularly use LowFruits.io to stay updated on your keyword rankings and adapt your strategy to any new trends or algorithm updates.

By following these tips, you can effectively use LowFruits.io to enhance your SEO efforts and improve your website's visibility in search engine results.

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