CBD affiliate programs: Top 5 🌿

CBD is certainly one of the most trendy niches of the moment and there are many opportunities, especially via affiliation, because many CBD affiliate programs are available.

Today, I’m going to review the 5 best CBD affiliate programs open to USA among the 377 available in this niche that are offered on affilisting.com.

1. Medterra CBD

Medterra is both a brand and a very big e-commerce site based in the United States in the CBD niche.

On their website, they sell a lot of different types of products, from oils to creams to CBD capsules.

They are based in 5 countries, USA, France, Germany, UK and Spain.

Their CBD affiliate program offers a 50% commission per sale, knowing that the average price of the products is approximately $30 .

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 50% per sale with this program.

2. Jeffreys hemp

Jeffrey’s Hemp is an online store that sells hemp-based (CBD) products. These include cbd cigarettes, cbd flower and other.

Their CBD affiliate program offers a 41% commission per sale with a 45 day cookie duration.

The product average price on the website is about $15.

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 41% per sale with this program.

16000+ affiliate programs, 700+ niches, all for $99.

With affilisting.com, start making money with your online business right away by finding the best affiliate programs for your niches and preferences for only $99 in one-time payments and lifetime access.

3. Bace – Hemp for Good

Bacehealth is an e-commerce site that offers CBD capsules to help you feel better in your body. It offers packs of CBD capsules and also many tips on how to use them.

The average price on the site is $25 and the affiliate program offers a 40% commission per sale with a 30 days cookie duration.

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 40% per sale with this program.

4. Green CulturED

This time, it is not an e-business that I propose to you, but a site of e-learning in the niche on CBD.

The advantage of this program is that it offers a 40% recurring affiliation. That is to say that you will get your commission on the first sale but also on future sales.

To maximize your profits, I advise you to always try to find programs with a recurring commission.

Average price per product: $40.

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 40% per sale with this program.

5. CBD BioCare

CBD BioCare is an ecommerce website offering a wide variety of products around CBD from skin care products to CBD capsules of concentration.

The real strength of this site and therefore its affiliate program is that there is a lot of product to put forward. So, my advice would be to make an article by type of product present on the site.

The commission this CBD affiliate program is 40% per sale and the average price is $100.

Start monetizing your site and earn up to 40% per sale with this program.

CBD Affiliation FAQ

Why choose the CBD affiliation ?

Starting on this niche allows you to position yourself on a fairly young niche, with a strong trend and where there is still room.
Be careful, it remains a competitive niche, but not a closed one.

Where to find the best CBD affiliate programs?

On Affilisting.com you will find a total of 377 affiliate programs in the CBD niche. To get there, click here.
If you are logged in to Affilisting.com, clicking on this link will take you to all the programs in this niche. Otherwise, you will need to create an account and obtain a license which costs $99.

Is CBD a risky legal niche?

Many make the amalgam between CBD and THC, it is completely different.
CBD is legal in many states, so affiliation with this kind of business will not make you an outlaw.
But be careful, in some states CBD is still prohibited.


In this article, I have presented the top 5 CBD affiliate programs available on Affilisting. To see all the programs in this niche, click here.

I suggest that we meet again next time to discuss another niche.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon.