Rewardful: a SaaS oriented affiliate platform

Rewardful is a platform designed to help SaaS businesses set up affiliate and referral programs with ease. In the competitive world of SaaS, having a robust affiliate and referral program can be a game-changer. This article provides an in-depth look at Rewardful, its features, pricing, and the benefits it offers to SaaS businesses.

What is Rewardful?

Rewardful is a SaaS oriented affiliate platform to help subscription-based businesses using Stripe to create and manage an affiliate program. Affiliates, such as bloggers, social media influencers, strategic partners, agencies, or satisfied customers, promote your business and earn a commission from the customers they refer.

Managing an affiliate program can be complex, but Rewardful simplifies the process. It takes care of tracking referrals, managing commissions, and providing detailed histories of these commissions. Affiliates receive a unique link, like, and any customer who visits your site via this link and makes a purchase is associated with the affiliate. The affiliate then earns a commission based on the structure you’ve defined in your campaign.

Rewardful is designed specifically for businesses that use Stripe Invoices for payment processing, both for Subscription Invoices and One-time Invoices. It’s suitable for any business with recurring billing and is an affordable solution for both new/bootstrapped and established/funded companies.

16000+ affiliate programs, 700+ niches, all for $99.

With, start making money with your online business right away by finding the best affiliate programs for your niches and preferences for only $99 in one-time payments and lifetime access.

Features of Rewardful

Rewardful comes packed with features designed to make the process of setting up and managing affiliate and referral programs as seamless as possible.

  • Affiliate and Referral Programs Under One Umbrella: With Rewardful, you can manage all your referral and affiliate programs from a single location. This feature provides the flexibility to build out different programs from one account, saving you time and trouble.
  • Built for Subscriptions and Stripe: Rewardful is designed from the ground up for subscriptions and Stripe. It allows you to reward your affiliates for the quality of customers they refer, with automatic adjustments for all SaaS and subscription scenarios.
  • Easy Setup and Integration: Whether it’s a custom-built app or a third-party platform, you can get set up in minutes with Rewardful’s easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Customization Options: You can make your program public, private, or invite-only, providing you with the flexibility to run your program in a way that best suits your business needs.

The Advantages of Using Rewardful

Rewardful offers numerous benefits to SaaS businesses. It not only helps in growing revenue and customer base but also provides a reliable and easy-to-use platform for managing affiliate and referral programs. The testimonials from successful users further attest to the benefits of using Rewardful.


Rewardful offers three different pricing plans, each designed to cater to different business needs. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

Starter Plan

Priced at $49 per month, the Starter plan includes:

  • 0% transaction fee
  • Up to $5000/month from affiliates
  • Unlimited affiliates and visitors
  • All integrations and REST API access
  • PayPal Mass Payouts and Wise Bulk Payouts
  • Chat & email support
  • Multiple campaigns, branded affiliate portal, custom domain
  • Unlimited team members, multiple currencies
  • Double-sided incentives, private invite-only campaigns
  • Custom rewards, custom scripts, custom agreement

Growth Plan

The Growth plan costs $99 per month and includes everything in the Starter plan, with the added benefit of up to $15,000/month from affiliates and unlimited campaigns.

Enterprise Plan

For businesses with larger needs, the Enterprise plan starts at $299 per month. It includes everything in the Growth plan, with the added benefits of unlimited revenue from affiliates and chat, email, & phone support.

If you choose to sign up for annual billing, you can get 2 months free. Custom plans are also available upon request.

16000+ affiliate programs, 700+ niches, all for $99.

With, start making money with your online business right away by finding the best affiliate programs for your niches and preferences for only $99 in one-time payments and lifetime access.

How to Get Started with Rewardful

Starting with Rewardful is a straightforward process. If you’re new to Rewardful, it’s recommended to read the introductory What is Rewardful? article to familiarize yourself with the basics. Once you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. Sign Up for Rewardful: Begin by signing up for Rewardful. Grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and get ready to dive in!
  2. Connect Your Stripe Account: The next step is to connect your Stripe account with Rewardful. This allows Rewardful to track referrals and manage payments. You can find a detailed guide on how to do this here.
  3. Create Your First Campaign: Once your Stripe account is connected, it’s time to create your first campaign. This involves setting up the commission structure for your affiliates. A step-by-step guide on creating your first campaign can be found here.
  4. Install Rewardful on Your Website: The final step is to install Rewardful on your website. This involves adding a few lines of code to your website’s checkout page. Detailed instructions for this step can be found here.

And that’s it! You’re now ready to start growing your business with Rewardful.


In conclusion, Rewardful offers a comprehensive solution for SaaS businesses looking to set up and manage affiliate and referral programs. With its robust features, easy setup, and competitive pricing, it’s a platform worth considering for any SaaS business aiming to grow its customer base and revenue.