Affilisting Devblog #3

liste programme affiliation gratuite


Several weeks have passed since the last devblog with vacations, new features in development etc…

Today, we’re going to take a look at all the new features of these last weeks, here we go!

New demo (yes again)

In the last devblog, I had already announced a first improvement of the demo. However, the demo did not answer the question “What is the content of Affilisting?

So we decided to go back while keeping the improvements already in place by offering a free list and a paid list.

The list of free affiliate programs

This list is available for free upon registration and includes approximately 40 affiliate programs out of the 10,800 available to date for the paid version.

They are carefully selected according to the following criteria:

  • Programs that are efficient without being too much so in order to favor the paying list and the members who have trusted us by buying their license.
  • Programs on which we have a partnership or affiliate deal. Basically, on almost all the programs in the demo version, we get a commission on every affiliate we bring into the program.
  • Programs on various niches to demonstrate the variety of niches that the paid version has.

On the free version, you can also use all the filters present in the paid version.

After using the filters, if there are no programs that appear, then a message with the number of programs available in the paid version is present in order to maximize the conversion and thus give you an idea of the content present in the paid version.

free affiliate programs list

Then, at the end of the list, the number of programs available in the paid version according to your search criteria is also displayed, in addition to the free programs.

affilisting demo
11000+ affiliate programs, 500+ niches, all for $99.
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Differentiation between “direct” and affiliate programs

Several weeks ago, we sent out a survey to all of our premium members. The purpose of the survey was to get you involved in the development of Affilisting by choosing the next feature you wanted to see on the platform.

You had chosen this feature and it is now available.

Filter by affiliate platform

filter by affiliate platform affilisting

The first part of this new feature focuses on adding a new filter to the list that allows you to filter programs by affiliate platforms.

If you click here for example, you will find all the programs from the Awin platform (affiliate link).

Show only “direct” affiliate programs

direct affiliate programs

If you don’t know what a “direct” affiliate program is, I redirect you to this article that explains it.

To put it simply, these are often the most lucrative programs and from now on, you can only display these programs by using this new checkbox in the filters of the list.

Tags “clickable” on the detail of a program

best affiliation niches

You can now click on a tag in the details of a program in order to arrive on the list directly filtered with the tag in question.

A little information on this subject, when I talk about “tag”, I am obviously talking about niches.

Add a “Last added” section to the list

the latest affiliate programs

Small improvement on the list with the addition of a “Last added” section which, as its name indicates, displays the latest programs added on the platform.

This section will allow you to be up to date on the latest programs added on Affilisting.


In addition to all these new features, we have also fixed several bugs such as style errors, or emails that were not correctly sent.

I also use this devblog to thank you for trusting us. Indeed, Affilisting has more than 170 customers to date. We are proud of this, and it is very motivating and encouraging for the future.

See you next time for the next devblog, in the meantime, don’t hesitate to follow us on twitter.