Affilisting Devblog #2

affilisting demo

Hello everyone,

2 weeks have passed since the last devblog, and today we’re going to review the latest news available on Affilisting.

But first, a little information about the devblog release frequency. For the moment, there is no rule about that. Indeed, being alone on the project, I have to manage the development, the marketing and also the research of new affiliate programs.

The devblogs will be released for the moment, at a random frequency, but you will always be informed via the official twitter account of Affilisting or mine.

1. Tunnel of preferences: several choices of product type possible.

An improvement that was expected, you can now define several types of products that interest you.

affilisting preferences

This will allow the algorithm to refine the search results and offer you the best affiliate programs that are most likely to match your preferences.

You can change your preferences directly here.

2. Complete redesign of the demo.

Until today, the demo was frustrating and not very useful. So I decided to remove it completely and replace it with the preference tunnel, seen before, but with a different behavior.

The difference with the premium version is that at the end of the tunnel, you will have a summary of the number of programs available according to what you have just filled in.

affilisting demo

This way, you will have much more visibility on what Affilisting can offer you before you purchase your license.

If ever, after entering your preferences, the algorithm tells you that no program was found, then you will be offered additional results based on those same preferences.

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3. Affilisting niches available to all

In an effort to convince you that Affilisting is $99 well invested, I’ve decided to add a page that is accessible to everyone and that lists all the niches available on Affilisting with the number of associated programs.

all affiliation niches

You also have the geo that are supported by the affiliate programs available in the niches.

You can access this page by clicking here.

4. 2500 new affiliate programs

Since the last devblog we have added about 2500 affiliate programs.

Many of them are from CJ Affiliate platform, but we also added a lot of direct programs with merchants.

5. Official Twitter account of Affilisting

Finally, we have officially launched the Affilisting Twitter account. This is the account where the main communication will take place. I advise you to follow it so that you don’t miss the latest news related to Affilisting.


That’s it for this Devblog. As you can see, the last few weeks have been busy and the focus has been on converting free members by replacing the demo and being more transparent about the content available on Affilisting before purchase.

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly on my Twitter or on the Affilisting Twitter.

See you soon.