Affilisting Devblog #1


Hello guys,

This is the first affilisting devblog post but also the first post of the official affilisting blog.

This blog are going to talk about the different news around the service and news in the world of affiliation in general.

But that’s not the subject of today’s article because for now we’re going to talk about the different new features that came out this week on!

1. Cookie duration column is now sortable

Yes! You can now sort via the cookie duration column in order to find the affiliate programs with the most compatible cookie duration that match your preferences.

2. You can now set more 5 niches / tags in your preferences

Many have requested it, you can now have more than 5 tags in your preferences which will have the effect of refining and displaying even more programs on the “For You” page.

Edit now your preferences here!

3. Some affiliate programs cleaning

In order to keep the quality of our programs we have developed an algorithm that allows us to check the quality and availability of the affiliate programs presented on

In this way, we have deleted 1300 programs which had the following problems:

  • Not available anymore
  • Scams

4. Some new high quality direct French affiliate programs

We have added dozens of new French programs in the following niches:

  • CBD
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Data Backup
  • B2B

The particularity of these programs is that they are direct (programs without past through affiliate platforms like Awin, Affilae or Sharesale) programs with the merchant.

Our goal in the future is to add more and more high quality direct merchant affiliate programs.

5. Some bugfix

And finally, we have improved and fixed several features on the platform thanks to your feedback! Thanks again.

Voilà! It’s over for this first devblog.

See you for the next one in the next few weeks!